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Resources for Multimedia


When you are rather serious to learn a subject, there is no way you can get away from books. Have a trip to the books section to check out the recommended books.

Online Resources

If you are looking for online resources, you will find the following links useful to extend your knowledge about the different topics in this site. I will be updating it soon. Please note that that I donot control these sites. If you find a broken link, please email me and I will try to trace its new URL. Thank you for your help. The links open in new windows.

  • Overview of SIP : It is a good place to start. However my tutorial includes most of what is covered in this page. It gives a good comparison between SIP and the H.323 standard.
  • Wander in the SIP world Many things you might want to know about SIP. You can discuss about SIP or know how its initial drafts were.
  • SIP Forum : The SIP Forum is an industry organization with members from the leading SIP technology companies. Its mission is to advance the adoption of products and services based on SIP.

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