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What is RTP?
Why real-time?
Components of RTP
Applications of RTP
Packet Structure of RTP
RTP Header
Application Level Framing
What is RTCP?
Types of RTCP packets

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RTP Introduction

This introduction is meant for beginners. This beginners' made easy tutorial is to give a brief introduction to RTP before one ventures into the long RFC documents. However, if you are a veteran please go through this short tutorial and suggest modifications.

What is RTP?

Real-time Transfer Protocol (RTP) provides end-to-end delivery services for data (such as interactive audio and video) with real-time characteristics.

It was primarily designed to support multiparty multimedia conferences. However it is used for different types of applications which we will go through shortly.

RTP is a standard specified in RFC 1889. More recent versions are RFC 3550 and RFC 3551. For an introduction like this we will stick to RFC1889

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