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Hello there!

It is nice having you on my site. I am Koushik Banerjee. I did my B.Tech. in Electrical Engineering from Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur. In my first job at a Telecom company, I had to go through aspects of Internet multimedia. As I advanced in my journey through the long RFC documents, I felt the need to have short tutorials to help one initiate from level zero. Hope it helps your purpose.
Since my days in Telecom, I have moved on to pursue higher studies and completed my PhD in semiconductor devices. Yes, a drastic change in fields, I know. I currently work as a Staff Device Engineer in a semiconductor company.

If you like the site, please refer it to people who you think will be interested. Feel free to put a link to my site. The URL is http://www.siptutorial.net.

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New to Internet Multimedia?? Walk through an <a href="http://www.siptutorial.net">introduction to multimedia</a>.

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New to SIP?? Walk through an <a href="http://www.siptutorial.net/SIP">introduction to SIP a Made Easy Tutorial</a>.

If you have any suggestion, correction, query just mail to koushik.banerjeeATgmail.com
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